Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Getting Lost in all these clues!

I've been a fan of the show Lost (as I've mentioned earlier on this blog) since the beginning. Mostly because it's so damn different than any other Primetime network TV show (and all the wannabe's that have cropped up this year are only very pale imitators).

A show like Lost is really made for the internet too. As I write this, thousands of internet Fox Mulder clones are flooding message boards with conspiracies, theories and "answers", and if you attempt to read them all you could go nuts! so I'm not about to join in here-

BUT - (you knew this was coming)

I did see this "clue" and decided to add it up here on cyberspace with all the other ones out there.
In last week's episode they introduced the Group that set up "The Hatch" as the Dharma Foundation.
Their logo is the black & white version with the swan (on the left below). If you see the picture of the crashed plane from the pilot episode (below) and the blow-up of the side of the plane (pictured above) it looks somewhat like the Dharma logo, doesn't it?

If that's true what does that mean? Were all the passengers part of this whole secret experiment run by this super secret Foundation? -or- Are all the Passengers really dead and this is some obscure limbo?-
or-....... well you get the idea.

Who the hell knows the reasons behind everything on Lost and that (for me anyway) is the real fun behind this show.

I do know this for sure! The entire series are not taking place within the mind of an autistic little boy. After all, that's been done before.

(though if in the final episode Locke wakes up in a bed with Emily Hartley.......)

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