Tuesday, October 11, 2005

As rare as gold!

The other day while shopping at a local grocery store (a store called Giant, though it didn't look any larger than any other grocery store) I was surprised to see, stacked on an end cap display, boxes of....

Quisp cereal!!!!

Yes, everyone's favorite Quaker Oats Alien hosted cereal is here!!!

For those of you who aren't aware of Quisp, about 40 years ago, Quaker Oats came up with two (Captain Crunch-esque) flavored cereal. One was called Quake who's spokesman was a muscle bound minor.

The other (and my personal choice) was the saucer shaped cereal called Quisp.

Both cereals were helped a lot by the funny Jay Ward ads that ran on Saturday mornings
(wow, Saturday morning cartoon programming.... what a concept.) and were the part of most kids' breakfasts until the early/mid 1970's when-

--they disappeared!

Though there were always rumors that Quisp was available in obscure pockets of the country. Boxes of the Alien cereal were often spotted in places like Ogden, Utah or Peoria, Illinois, I never could find any where I was living.

Though the box is small and fairly pricey ($3 for the size), I 'm currently finishing off my purchase for breakfast this morning. While, unfortunately, there weren't any free prizes inside, they do list it's web site on the box. But don't expect too much from the site. I tried ordering a T-Shirt but it became such a pain to find any of the shirts they'd advertised on the box, I gave up.

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