Monday, September 26, 2005

SPX 2005 Part 2

After the show closed Friday evening (and we were informed of the closing with a guy and a blow-horn, walking around the show sounding more like a fast food drive through box than a P.A announcer) our very hungry group walked next store for an excellent Mexican dinner.

One nice thing about Bethesda, for such a small little town, they have a good selection of places to eat.

Well packed with a gaseous meal, of course now it was time for drinking. Our group wasn't much for mingling (though Jamar and Mike are very good at it) so by midnight we'd had enough of shelling out $5 a bottle for beer, and a few of us headed up to Jeff's room (which of corse was well stocked with coolers of beer), drank and Bull shitted well until 3 AM.

Somehow I got the energy at 8:30 the next morning, to get a 2.5 mile run in, before meeting up with everyone for breakfast.

Saturday's show opened at 10:00 and since this years' Con had gone back to it's two day format, this would be the day to sell (and buy) as many books as possible.
Even though this is a Small Press show, it's not much different than the larger Cons. You get waves of dead times and waves of massive crowds.

Throughout the day, while sitting at or respective tables, most of us kept busy by sketching. Either it was drawing in copies of the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society Anthology (for people who'd bought one) or passing around sketch books for everyone to draw in.

Jamar had a book filled with various different artists depictions of Fat Wonder Women. This was a cool concept and everyone had a blast, trying to "outdo" the other guy's Obese Amazon Warrior. For my contribution, I was inspired by the season premiere of Nip/Tuck. A gargantuan Diana Prince sitting on a couch seemed right to me.

I did take some time and walked around, checking out the other tables. There's a danger in doing this. The danger of buying a lot of books and spending a lot of money.
(especially when they say those magic words, "we take credit cards".)

Next part: What I bought.

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