Friday, September 30, 2005

Kirby Dots

It's not everyone who can have an "art style" named for them, but if anyone deserves it, it's the legendary Jack "the King" Kirby.

If you trust Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia; The roughly circular dots that are used to represent energy are called Kirby Dots or Kirby Krackle.

hmmmm.... maybe I could come up with something that becomes a standard style used by other artists.

I know! I'll draw women's' breasts in a unique way and it'll be known as Marcej Mammeries!!

Uh....... on second thought............................................


Admin said...
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VanguardsOfComics said...

We created the box of KIRBY KRACKLE CEREAL! I made a Bowl of Kirby krackle, took pictures of that then did the graphics, printed it, assembled it and made krackle coming out of the top, too!

The box is on a WORLD TOUR-(4 conventions and counting) visit the gallery of comic book dignitaries that have shown their love for Jack Kirby at our page:

It has been featured in the prestigious Jack Kirby Collector #51, on the letters page!

We love Jack Kirby and without Jack, there probably wouldnt be an industry left in the comic book medium. This is one nod to him.