Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Fun Gum!!

Since I'm constantly working on new candy and gum products and packaging my office here at work is filled not only with my companies products but with the competitors' stuff as well. I've meant to post some of these before and late this afternoon caught myself looking at some of the cooler fun ones (again), so here are a few.

These are small, rectangle packs from Blue Q. Blue Q is a small company from Pittsfield, Massachusetts that makes fun magnets, stickers and other cool novelties.

* - Above right is a pack of Cat Butt Gum.

* - Here's a pack of Ex-Boyfriend Gum:

* - Here's a pack of Fugidaboudit Gum:

Check out Blue Q's site and check out all their other cool stuff.

(and I get no kick back whatsoever)

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