Thursday, December 07, 2006

"You'll Repulser Ray Your Eye Out Kid!"

Last night while watching Countdown with Keith Olbermann they covered the story about Brian Jones and Ralphie's house from A Christmas Story.

Brian Jones, an ultra-fan of the excellent movie A Christmas Story, had bought and restored the original three-story wood frame house that was used in the film as the home for the Old Man's family. He poured over $500,000 into this house (and the house across the street) and is giving tours and selling souvenirs to try to recoup some of his investment.

Now you'd think that alone would be enough to qualify as an odd story.
But nope.

During the story, while discussing whether or not any of the actors have visited this new "tourist attraction" (and yes Ian Petrella who played Randy has stopped by) it was mentioned that Peter Billingsly, Ralphie himself, hasn't been able to appear because of his busy work schedule.

With his child acting days behind him Billingsly has been working more behind the scenes as a producer. His work has won him an Emmy for producing the critically acclaimed show Dinner For Five and recently served as co-producer for the Jennifer Aniston film The Break-Up.

So what's this current project that's keeping him so busy that he can't visit the old homestead?

He's Executive Producer for the upcoming Iron Man movie.

(I wonder if he'll have a scene with a kid sticking his tongue on Iron Man?)

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